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Navigating human rights and privacy legislation can be a challenge for even the most skilled professionals.  A mistake in this space can cost your company money, hinder your reputation, and misrepresent your employment brand. 

MEB Collective provides a full assessment of your business, its people, and its processes.  Our team of Human Resource Consultants will identify issues and bottlenecks within your team and its structure to create a Personell Improvement Plan (PIP) to realign your HR practices. 

The goal of the PIP plan is to maintain the authenticity you have created within your business and build upon it to make you shine as an employer.  Our strategies will result in smoother more predicatable operations, significant reduction in employee turnover, and an increase in buesiness efficiency.


Implementing the PIP:

  1. Full Scale Assessment of your business structure, processes, and team 
    1. Outline the best practices and focus on retaining these
    2. Identify all issues, gaps, and bottlenecks 
    3. Review the draft PIP plan with Owners, Executive, and the Leadership Team
  2. Finalize the PIP plan and begin the implementation schedule 
  3. Track and monitor all improvements; re-assess after 3 months
  4. Monthly check-ins with the Founder of MEB to ensure the PIP plan is aligned with the business goals of your company.


Do your managers know and understand employment legislation? Are they familiar with human rights and privacy legislation? Mistakes can be costly in terms of both dollars and potential damage to your reputation or employment brand.

MEB Collective will complete a full assessment of your team structure, your people, and processes to ensure that they are legislatively compliant. Our Team of HR Consultants will outline the correct approachesto ensure compliance and teach your leaders the details of employment law when they are onboarding, terminating, and everything in between.


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